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The New Consistent Drops latest single ‘Led Astray’ Ft. Hunter Bavaro

Music has a way of transporting us to different worlds and allowing us to see things from a new perspective. The New Consistent, a rising star in the UK rap scene, is a master at this. His detailed lyrical images paint a vivid picture of the world he inhabits, a world filled with the pressures and distractions of modern life. It's no wonder he's been championed by the likes of BBC 6 Music and nominated for awards. With his latest single, 'Led Astray' featuring Hunter Bavaro, TNC continues to explore the struggles of a generation trying to find their way in a world that often feels lost.

'Led Astray' is a deeply personal reflection on the challenges of modern life and the struggle to find meaning in a world filled with distractions. As TNC explains, "it's born out of a frustration with various experiences I've had, and how I've coped with them." The track is a powerful commentary on the perils of social media and the toll it can take on our mental health. TNC notes that he often found himself using social media as a mindless escape, only to come out the other side feeling worse. With his latest single he offers a reminder that sometimes we need to unplug and find space to breathe.

To promote the single in a unique way, TNC has organized a showcase event at the same location where the music video for "Led Astray" was filmed. The event is set to be a one-of-a-kind experience for fans, featuring live interviews, documentaries, and performances. TNC is excited to offer a fresh perspective on music promotion in the digital age and hopes to create a memorable experience for his listeners.

One of the things that sets TNC apart is his ability to blend influences from both UK and US Hip Hop, creating a unique sound that is both familiar and fresh. This is evident in his recent EP, "All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay," which was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios. The EP showcases TNC's versatility as an artist, with tracks that range from introspective and melancholic to upbeat and catchy. 'Led Astray' his latest single is no exception. The track's dark and moody atmosphere is complemented by TNC's smooth delivery and Bavaro's gritty verses, making for a powerful and captivating listening experience. As TNC continues to make waves in the UK rap scene, it's clear that he's an artist to watch out for in the coming years.


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