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Release Radar: dexter in the newsagent 'Fortune Cookie' EP

Dexter, a talented young artist hailing from London, has released her latest EP titled 'Fortune Cookie'. ‘Fortune Cookie’ mirrors the innocence of her debut, while adding in fresh elements; opening with ‘Something Real’ it continues with the cute prescience of ‘1day’ and the well-voiced irritability of ‘Vexed’. Her debut EP, 'I Do Love a Good Sandwich', was created solely using her Mac, software, and the built-in microphone, showcasing her resourcefulness as a songwriter.

The artist's latest 6-track compilation invites listeners on a sonic voyage, with varying tempos and soundscapes to explore. With earlier releases this year including "Pressure", "Something Real", and "Vexed", fans eagerly anticipated the arrival of this new project, and they will not be disappointed. The EP features consistent, understated beats that blend elements of PC and drum and bass, complemented by the artist's smooth, velvety vocals. Overall, "Fortune Cookie" represents another triumph for the emerging talent.


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