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Introducing : Rimera

Hailing from Birmingham, UK, Rimera brings us his debut body of work "Summer Silhouettes". A vibrant inner world allows this bright and colourful music to be made, and one aim he tries to push forward through his work is viewing the world differently, and through a more artistic lens. Rimera’s debut takes influence from the likes of Tyler The Creator, Timbaland and Pharrell Williams. However, a deeper listen into the project, presents Rimera very much as their own artist with vulnerable story telling and intricate, complex production. And not to mention, all built from apps on his phone!

Raw, honest, yet seemingly laid back the opening track ‘IT’S COOL’ begins with, Rimera discussing a recurring theme that continues throughout the project - the problems progression has on close relationships, sharing personal stories through a low, raspy tone.

Track one is followed up by ‘HUNDRED’, starting with an eclectic and charismatic vocal performance from Texas rapper Jeo Decap, over a paced and aggressive Timbaland inspired sound. After an important vocal insert from close collaborator Frankie, stating “What are you gonna do when the summer ends?” the beat switches unexpectedly to a slowed 80’s synth wave sound.

Track 3, 'Coffee Shop' takes on great influence from Californian bands like The Internet in production and vocals, with Hobart, Tasmania artist Esther Outram providing soft vocal melodies and harmonies over booming drums yet tranquil rhodes.

Leading on from such a warm and relaxing song, the closing track leaves many with food for thought about Rimera - lyrically fighting himself with emotive and aggressively toned discussions on intense self-criticism, yet juxtaposed by promising and affirming words from Denver artist Ian Frandsen with the last words on the EP being “I honestly think … this could be your year.”

“A lot of the time when I’m biking with my friends I have to stop to take a picture of something. A lot of the time they’re confused because they can’t understand why I take photos of some random things but I guess it sparks something in me that it doesn’t do to most people - and that’s a gift because I see the end product clearly before they do; so it may seem weird at first but I already know what I’m going to do with it”

- Rimera.

“I feel like I’m getting to witness the full-rounding of Rimera, your kick off the wall in this swimming pool of an industry and I am so excited for it” - Jalon Brown, Artist.

“This EP has me wondering where the Rimera brand is going to go. Sonically there’s plenty of potential to expand his sound – let alone the rest of the experience he’s successfully offering his listeners.” - Teyo, Creative Visionary.

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