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In Conversation: Bnnyhunna

Benjamin Ankomah better known as Bnnyhunna discovered the ultimate way to express himself; through music. In church, he learns to play different instruments like piano, guitar and drums. His dedication and passion for music eventually resulted in him producing songs for artists like Gaidaa, Rimon, Hare Squead, Akwasi and Dolapo. But now Bnnyhunna focuses on the release of his first solo EP 'SINTHA'.

Earlier in July he already released the song 'Feelings Mutual?' a collaboration with Jarreau Vandal. Followed by the release 'Paradox' kicking off the narrative of Bnnyhunna's project 'SINTHA'. The debut EP is about Bnnyhunna's relationship with music, the industry and the status quo. After years of producing and being part of bands of major artists, Bnnyhunna decided to work on his own career as an artist. Not only did he translate the struggle he went through into music, but into various art forms.

Photo @segraphy

Where did your journey begin, and could you bring us up to your current position within your creative journey?

I grew up in the South East of Amsterdam. My parents played a lot of music in the house and my Dad is a guitarist, so it came naturally. I developed my musical journey in the church, where I was so curious, I picked up every instrument that I looked at and started playing on it. That time frame shaped me to become a producer and combine all of those instruments together to make music.Fast forward 5 years, since I started producing, I’ve dropped my first solo project that consists of instrumentals, poems and a short movie!

How has living in Amsterdam shaped your music?

It has shaped my music big time. I grew up in a neighborhood where hip-hop played a key role in the culture. I think it’s the New York of The Netherlands! Hip-hop is intergrated in everything, from community centre’s al the way to MC contests here. That’s a big foundation in my music.

Bnnyhunna - SINTHA

Whilst creating your debut EP ‘SINTHA’, was there a specific approach you took?

Yeah, I approached it very intuitively. I usually start with some random keys or samples and if I don’t like what i’ve made I just start making a new demo. I'll keep creating until I have the feeling that I’m looking for.

Is there a certain place where you feel the most creative?

In my room, on some caveman shit.

Nah but for real, I think it doesn’t matter were it is, if you put me there and I am all by myself I’ll make something beautiful and sincere.

Is there one song on the EP that has an extra special meaning to you?

Rage for beginners is a track that is very special to me. I was in a very emotional state and I was really mad about a specific situation. But the nice thing about it is that I made this track right after. I turned that anger in this song and it’s a direct translation of what I was feeling.

Photo @segraphy

Bit of a fun question now, we like to do this a lot with creatives. Press shuffle on your favourite playlist and tell us the first song that plays.

Please Don’t Make Me Cry - Lianne La Havas (Jordan Rakei Remix)

Top 3 dream collaborations.

Tyler the Creator, Andre 3000 & Marvin Gaye.

What is the process like when conveying your sound into a visual, specifically with your artwork and brand?

I love it. It starts from me making my music all alone by myself and it blossoms into multiple layers of art. It sucks if it doesn’t resonate with the music, but I have a lovely team who understand the vision and helped me creating a beautiful experience.

It’s really dope, because I envision the songs that I make, like they are a sound score to a movie. It feels like puzzling here and there, but it always falls into place.

Bnnyhunna - SINTHA directed by Robbert Doelwijt Jr.

Is there a message you always aim to convey in your music? And why is it important to you?

Being a dreamer is nothing more than you saying fuck the rules. There are no rules to shit and that’s very important to me! I'm trying to break this so called mould by creating something new and fresh. So be a dreamer!

Top 10 songs that influenced the EP SINTHA.


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