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Hunter Bavaro drops new single 'Half Full'

Hailing from the West Midlands Hunter Bavaro is highly regarded as one to watch in Birmingham's music scene; with his distinctive lyricism and energetic production, Hunter takes a unique approach to his craft influenced by city life.

Bavaro's passion for words began early, driven by his poetic talent. Long before he discovered rap, he was already writing poetry as a young student. Today, he draws inspiration from rap legends like Kano, Little Simz, and Kendrick Lamar. Their influence has shaped his creative journey, resulting in lyrics and vocal delivery that show depth and character.

Recently, he has gained recognition with projects like "All Things Considered" and "A Meal In Winter" earning support from BBC Introducing, No Signal, and UK Underground Rap. These projects have solidified his presence in the local music scene paving the way for his latest release "Half Full," a follow-up to January’s EP "A Meal In Winter" This new track offers an optimistic reminder not to take life's challenges too seriously.

Bavaro dissects the track: ‘To feel ‘half full’ is to not feel 100%. Something is at a miss, your mood might be low or sometimes life just gets too much. In these moments of self doubt and discouragement, I offer a ballad to help appreciate the fact that we’re still here and the jobs not done so press on.’

Download/Listen to Hunter Bavaro's Latest single below:


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