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Find Your New Favourite Independent Brand

We've hand selected ten of our favourite independent clothing brands that we think you should cop a piece from..

Bene Culture is a creative platform which brings together like minded individuals to create projects which are not tied down to specific topics or sub-genre. Their home store is located in The Custard Factory in Birmingham, UK and provides a platform for community, culture and creatives. Since 2016 they’ve held 40+ events involving music, clothing, food and art. Bene promote responsible fashion, their clothing is produced within walking distance of their HQ working with local suppliers to build their garments.

Photo @joyskipday

Originating from Birmingham, Dark Circle is a UK Streetwear Clothing label that offers something else entirely. Dark Circle’s focus has always been almost entirely on the art. Drawing inspiration from the sum of words creating images. Their ambiguous approach to slogans draws each wearer into their own search for relation.

Hyphen is something that Oli Charles had been sitting on for a while, with an interest in both skateboarding and media respectively bought Charles to collate an idea to put both interests into one place. The name in essence represents connection with a nice play on words, integrating media and technology which is massively used in not just media but skateboarding as well. Through the brand Hyphen, Charles has enhanced the skating community providing sponsorship and a platform to various local skaters to showcase their talent and progress.

Photo @dannybrown_sm4l

Dazzed Mum is a small art and merch business made in Italy. The company's goal is to create genderless and oversized products to fit all highlighting the entire brand is based on inclusiveness and free expression of gender. Founded by illustratror and designer Camila Trapasso, Dazzed Mum is a place were everyone can fit in.

Photo via Dazzed

Provide is inspired by the people, the history and the industries that have shaped, and continue to define Birmingham. Since starting in 2012 Provide have collaborated with all sorts of artists, designers, makers and doers across the Midlands to create products that celebrate the region and promote its emerging creative talent. The brand's commitment to the community is reflected by those same people, who are often seen wearing Provide when working, performing or partying.

Photo @providebirmingham

The label, run by up-and-coming Moston designer Junior Clint, has gone from strength to strength since its first drop in the top end of 2020. Originally starting out by selling 1 of 1 clothing, the self-taught designer and university student transitioned into creating original trainers and launched Clints soon after. Within no time, his shoe line was attracting fans and customers from all across the country and now Clints is levelling up into the apparel game with a fresh clothing capsule.

Photo @clintsinc

Always Do What You Should Do

Starting as an accessories and t-shirt brand, Always Do What You Should Do have started creating skateboard decks and are building up a healthy team of London based skaters. The brainchild of Nick, Always was born when Nick was sharing one room with two New Zealand mates. This humbleness that birthed the company has been maintained seeing Always start campaigns such as the goma project which see’s the brand raise awareness and help fund the surf scene in North Kivu’s capital.

Photo @jarradcarlin


PHUG is a London - based clothing brand created by a group of friends from their bedroom. Created by Soren Harrison and Amir Hossain, as a creative means to facilitate their boredom, PHUG has expanded into a brand offering up grahpic, experimental, casualwear that's focal point is the expression and creativity.

Photo @phuggers

Experimentation away from public attention, has allowed for focus on the process in hand with Oozee. Stemmed from industrialisation of the surroundings. Utility and labour have organically shaped wear for the adapting metropolitan human, presenting the brand Oozee.

Photo @oozeeoozee


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