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BONDED Launch First T-Shirt Empowering Emerging Artists and Celebrating Midlands Creativity

Our mission is and always will be to promote emerging artists as we believe they always deserve to be shown as much love as possible within the creative industry and often this isn't the case. Every artist should be supported which is why the profit made from sales will be put back into the the growth of our platform and content creation to promote artists and creatives.

The design was carefully created by our team at Bonded, we created this design after gaining inspiration from a poem written by our good friend and emerging creative, Ella Allen. Hailing from the Midlands, Ella is a poet and screenwriter. After publishing her debut anthology 'This is How You Find Me' in mid 2022 she studied at the London Film School to complete an MA in Screenwriting. Ella's poem ' The Midlands, my 'ome' describes the Midlands being the forgotten area of the UK and how we are often overlooked and underrated.

As a team from the Midlands this poem resonated with us the moment we read it and felt it specifically reflected creative industries when it comes to creatives breaking through from Birmingham and surrounding areas. Specificially the following stanza inspired our first t-shirt launch ' Ill Forgive You For Ignorin Us'

I take back what I said about bein' forgiven

for forgettin' about us 'cus you're ignorin'

the wonderful stomach of this country, the place that I was grown,

the God's honest land we know as The Midlands, the salt of the Earth

that I call 'ome.

We wanted to further promote this narrative whilst highlighting local talent which is why we collaborated with different artists from different creative backgrounds in the Midlands to model the t-shirt. If you want to join and support our mission buy our t - shirt here.

Read about the creatives involved in bringing this project to life below:

Tyrell Williamson-Greene is an Artist Music Manager, Video Creator, Director, Editor & the Founder and Creative director of @you.fitinsomewhere. Based in both Birmingham and Nottingham, Tyrell alongside his collective SK4 are slowly bringing all walks of life together to showcase art in its finest, rawest form.

Brie Devine is a 20 year-old, London based, singer/songwriter studying music full time at BIMM London. Growing up in a musical family, Brie was inspired by a range of different musical genres but explored the sound of Indie/Folk much later into her teenage years, finding her niche and learning what suits her voice and writing best. Brie mainly leans towards writers such as Elliot Smith, Lizzy McAlpine and Eloise, for inspiration.

Emma, a tattoo artist at Nala Studio, has been tattooing for nearly a year. She's had the privilege of training in an all-female studio with a supportive mentor, Netty, and colleagues. Her journey began as a childhood aspiration, nurtured during her teen years when she frequented Nala for piercings and tattoos. Despite studying biomedical science and briefly pursuing fine art at university, Emma always knew tattooing was her true path. In just a year, her interest has evolved into her life's passion and career.

Leah Wilcox is an Indie Pop female songwriter, sonically dreamlike but grounded. Following her desire to share an illustrative, emotive, honest catalogue of songs, Leah has blossomed from a quaint emerging 14 year old at open mics into a performer owning great authenticity and confidence. From romantically depicted life experiences to tales of self-growth, to raw feelings and mental processing; she shares honest time capsules of her life journey, accompanied by rich controlled vocals. With tasteful acknowledgements to Americana and Indie Folk, Leah offers the listener a colourful, amorous, earthy sound that is quickly capturing attention across the Midlands.


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