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First of its kind for Ed Hardy. Mason Newman is the first artist other than the legendary Don Ed Hardy himself to have his work and character put on Ed Hardy garments. Hand-painted and customised pieces, making each item truly unique and one-of-a-kind collector’s piece, customised to your size and will be available to the highest bidder on the 29.09.23 at 10AM with all the money being donated to Mind Charity chosen by Mason and the Ed Hardy HQ. We chatted with Mason Newman ahead of the launch.

Photo @mason__newman & @edhardyeurope

Tomorrow you launch Ed Hardy by Mason Newman, something that you have expressed is a very special moment within your career. Can you tell us a little bit about how this project came about?

If you asked me at any point in my life I genuinely think i’d have put Ed Hardy as one of my dream projects. I can only say its down to manifesting. Unknowingly I manifested this dream. Obviously the team and I had conversations but I truly think its down to manifesting. Persistence is key too.

Collector pieces, 1 of 1s from caps and outerwear all hand painted and played with by yourself. What was the inspiration behind the pieces you have created for the collection?

There’s obviously my character gyal in this collextion. Who is gyal? Is a project I created with the idea of us all being the same no matter what we’re human. Everyone is gyal. Other pieces for example have my Grandad's betting slips on. The man who helped me start get into this by borrowing me money to create as a teen. Down to the swing tags there’s my Grandad's handwriting with the quote “ luck is where preparation meets opportunity ”. Everything is sentimental.

Photo @mason__newman & @edhardyeurope

Is there a certain place where you feel most creative/inspired?

Genuinely everywhere. I get inspired by the seats on a train, the signs on the motorway, the woman outside her card factory job smoking a cigarette arguing on the phone. Everything inspires me to create. I say it all the time, everything we see has been designed and created. Everything around us is someone's creativity. Creativity the most popular kid in the school.

We can imagine there are a lot of people out there now looking at what you have achieved and thinking they wish this could be them one day, what advice would you give those people?

Im gonna pass on some wisdom, something that Colm Dillane, Mr Kidsuper himself said to me. I once asked him how to get buyers on side. He told me persistence. Don’t be afraid to keep pestering someone. If they don’t mess with your stuff the first time, if they don’t take your call the first time… try a second and third. Persist.

Is there any emerging creatives that you think are killing the game right now?

Mason Newman’s pretty cool.

Photo @mason__newman & @edhardyeurope

Talking of creatives. Now is your chance, shoot your shot. Who do you want to collaborate with next?

Carhartt. I wear vintage carhartt every day. Watch me make it happen.

Now for a bit of a fun and creative moment, in 2 minutes maximum, draw an image that describes Mason Newman.

I was getting food, they had no wings. Perfect time.

And finally, we always know you’re creating and even when you launch a project you’ve got something else lined up. What’s next for Mason Newman?

I’ve just finished up a collection for Madonna’s founded label “ Material Girl ” that’s pretty cool and should be out by the end of the year. Other than that we just keep creating. I find it impossible to plan ahead so we just roll with it.


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