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Conrad Stone Unveils New Single titled "Moonlight"

Conrad Stone, hailing from South Wales, has just released his incredible new single "Moonlight" After exploring various soundscapes and honing his range and versatility, he began to develop his distinct and unique sound, drawing inspiration from his live music background and fusing his wavy vocal melodies with dark beats and guitar samples. As his local fanbase and the music community responded positively to his work, he delved even deeper into this sound, which he calls "Underdog Emo R&B" He is heavily influenced by U.S. rappers such as The Kid Laroi, Corbin, Juice WRLD, and Travis Scott, whose use of guitar-driven beats immediately drew him in.

Conrad's creative journey began at the young age of six, and he has undergone several artistic transformations while experimenting with various genres such as grime, rap, trap, pop-punk, and emo, all of which have influenced and shaped his musical style.

Recently signed with BE83 Music, Conrad Stone's first single with the label, "Moonlight" offers a glimpse into the future of this emerging artist's career. The single showcases his ability to blend melodic storytelling with hard-hitting beats and infectious hooks, making it a true standout.

To elevate the release of "Moonlight" Conrad Stone has unveiled a visually stunning music video directed by Benji Beacham, which features blue-lit indoor shots with snow-covered forest scenes, creating an eerie contrast. The music video perfectly complements the song's mood, adding an additional layer of depth to the narrative.

With a promising career ahead of him, Conrad Stone's talent and creativity continue to evolve, and his music is sure to make a lasting impression. He aspires to take his sound worldwide and tour the world.



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