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Brian Lightning Unleashes His Debut Single 'Pilot'

Brian Lightning's artistic journey is a combination of his deep connection to music, magic, and the stage. Drawing inspiration from notable experimental projects like Foxygen, Warmduscher, and Gorillaz, Brian has carved a niche for himself in Birmingham's vibrant music scene since introducing his live project a year ago. His presence in Birmingham is multifaceted, as he is recognized for his diverse talents. Brian has left his mark through contributing to multiple bands, organising events, as a DJ and a magician.

'Pilot' serves as Brian Lightning's debut single, providing him with a platform to take the stage. The song begins with an eerie introduction, showcasing the immense power of the organ. However, it swiftly evolves into a refreshing and infectious chorus, with the addition of guitars, backing vocals, and live drums, complementing the underlying two-bit drum machine that steadily ticks away.

Brian recounts the birth of the song, stating, "As soon as I brought Morgan the Organ home and carried it up the stairs to my room, I plugged it in and began pressing the keys randomly with four fingers. That spontaneous action birthed the opening note for Pilot. In the midst of this sudden burst of creativity, other songs and characters came to life, and within a week, the first performance had been crafted".

The recording took place at MEGATONE Studios, under the skilled guidance of Mark Gittins. The track showcases a talented group, with Brian Lightning (Ed Quigley) on organ and vocals, Max Fisher on guitar, Huw Woodward on drums, and Joni Coyne providing backing vocals.

Listen to the Track Below...


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