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Showcasing over 500 up and coming artists from all over the world across 35 walk-able venues every May in Brighton, The Great Escape is back for another year and here are Bonded's top artists to make sure you catch live across the event! Get your tickets here!!!

ATRIP is a 24-year-old, German-Polish DJ and producer based in South London making emotional electronic music. Born in Poland but raised in London, he’s a music obsessive who has long been embedded in the English capital’s hyper diverse club culture. “I love the city and music that’s so present here,” he says. “Whether it’s garage or jungle or bassline. Dubstep. It all comes from here.” In May 2023, ATRIP released his debut mixtape, TANZPARTEI – a collection of songs dating from the launch of the ATRIP project in early ’22 up to the present day. With fans in Disclosure, salute, Tourist, HAAi and DJ Seinfeld, ATRIP is set up for a very big adventure.

The ever-playful attitude of Texas-based multi-instrumentalists and best friends, Falcon Bitch and Shmoofy, pours into their project, Being Dead, in which the band toes the line between jest and sincerity. The nurturing foundation of these platonic soulmates urges them to be their full, freaky selves, prodding at the absurdity of the world with slick n’ dreamy strums, gritty percussion, and kaleidoscopic harmonies. The 2023 release, When Horses Would Run, propels us into vivid landscapes: desert planes, dirty basements, lush rolling hills. The album doesn’t linger in one place for too long––instead, it dances alongside the periphery, flickering between Super-8 memories and moments.

Big Special are made up of Joe Hicklin (Singer) and Callum Moloney (Drums). With humble beginnings, the duo met on a college course in The Black Country having both been in various musical projects most of their lives. Hicklin had become somewhat a local institution due to performing frequently, and Callum had moved to Bristol mostly playing in wedding bands. An avid writer of poetry, during lockdown Hicklin rewrote them into lyrics and wanted Moloney to be the drummer even though they had lost touch, but he declined due to the general commitments of life. Hicklin’s partner told him to ask again, whilst Moloney’s partner pushed him to drum outside of the cover bands which he had become tired of, and so they were reconnected and have been able to create something truly special. Through countless odd jobs, career changes, and living pay cheque to pay cheque, Big Special have their roots firmly in the struggles of the working class, and how the impoverished are treated.

Blue Lab Beats will be playing tracks from their new album “Blue Eclipse” which heralds an exciting new era for them. The 12 songs reveal the depth and breadth of producer NK-OK, and multi-instrumentalist Mr DM’s musical ambition. Features on the album include Kojey Radical alongside Daley, on “Take Time”, IDK & Jay Prince on “Say Wow”, Amber & Farah on “Wait A While”, and Poppy Daniels on the title track.

“We called this album Blue Eclipse as a nod to Blue Skies, our first EP. We wanted to embrace some themes and sounds that we’ve used throughout our career and make an album that truly represents us. Using sky titles acts as a reminder of people in our lives who inspired us and left a very important mark on us. We wanted to welcome old friends as well new ones onto this project and we are so happy with everyone’s amazing contributions.” Blue Lab Beats.

2023 has seen Salisbury genre-hoppers CARSICK make a proper name for themselves; they’ve embarked on a two – month – long UK/EU headline tour, recorded a live session at the BBC’s Maida Vale, signed to Alcopop! Records, dropped their debut EP ‘Drunk Hymns’, and solidified their growing reputation as one of the UK’s most energetic, unpredictable, and all – around wild live acts. Their music – a blend of raw punk, 90s – inspired indie – rock, UK hip – hop, and irresistible electronic elements – is all about living for the weekend; about the desperate chaos of small – town nightlife and about forgetting what happened last night. Support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, John Kennedy on Radio X, and Tom Robinson has ensured that their “anthems for the pissed – up and pissed – off” are reaching an ever – expanding cult following. If the band are to be believed, this is the downfall of British music at terminal velocity.

20 year old Erin LeCount is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Essex / London. Inspired by the cinematic, dreamy, and experimental, influenced by artists such as Fiona Apple, Lorde, The XX, Florence + The Machine, Lana del Rey, BANKS, FKA Twigs, and Sampha she’s creating an innovative, ethereal, alternative-pop coming-of-age soundtrack, filled with synths, layered vocals, and industrial everyday sounds. Her voice and production pair with her confessional, diary-like lyrics that share secrets and stories of ‘big feelings’, questions, self-aware observations, and reflections of her own inner world and the world around her. Between writing and producing in her garden shed, expanding her sound and vision in collaboration with coproducers, and only just getting started with the release of her first two singles ‘Killing Time’ & ‘Bday Blues’- she’s in the process of creating and becoming an artist you may not want to miss.

Introducing pop’s brand new artist Fred Roberts. Both anthemic and introspective, his work encapsulates the struggles of growing up in the modern day and the questioning of one’s identity. 
Fred’s cross generational inspirations move from The Smiths to Brandon Flowers (The Killers), Rufus Wainwright to his adolescent idol Troye Sivan who inspired him to detail his own honest experiences of love and unpack the formative years of his life.

Frozemode, made up of I.V.GATLIN, Lisong and Cho-Hollow, is a London-based alternative rap trio who pride themselves on their hard-hitting bars, playful and inventive melodies and musical versatility. Less than a week into the launch of their debut single ‘Maybelline’ in December 2022, Frozemode secured the praise of tastemaker spearhead and BBC Radio 1 presenter Jack Saunders with a ‘Next Wave’ feature. The band have been coined as a Record of The Day 2023 ‘One To Watch’, and have been featured across key press with Wonderland saying they have “plausibly delivered one of the best UK hip-hop debut cuts in recent memory”. The band strive to keep their music as down to earth and as raw as possible, writing about their personal experiences and struggles, with each track putting everything on the table and laying it bare.

London-based Humble the great is an artist/producer and multi instrumentalist. Recently signed to Neighbourhood (Dave, Kamal, Meekz), he has been working with the likes of Kamal, Willow Kayne, Debbie, Finn Foxell and many more. He has been garnering attention for his blend of electro – R&B since his recent emergence. Balancing funkadelic influence with ethereal textures, Humble’s sound embodies modern nostalgia. Though ever evolving in style and finish, trademark sonics and live instrumentation are the foundations of his rich and experimental world

Jalen has been writing songs since he was 14, and his compositions are also very much of these times. He explains, “I love music from the 20th century— I listen to it all the time, but I’m in this world and the 21st century. …to a stranger, I’d describe my music as modern soul and R&B, while trying to fit in the Beach Boys and the Beatles somewhere in between.” Come Around and Love Me reveals how he creates a classic approach that is rooted in the sounds of revered pioneers, without falling into imitation–leaving no doubt that Jalen will continue to shine within the superlative, timeless musical tradition that is Daptone’s hallmark.

Kaeto is not the new anyone. There are no immediate reference points; no pop stars to stick her alongside. She’s an anomaly. An always inquisitive artist, writing songs about the questions we all ask ourselves. Like, why do we seem to be complicit in our own anxieties? Why can’t we stop doing things for the sake of our own vanity? Why are we hellbent on living through everything twice: once in the moment, and again on our phones, barely minutes later? “I’m not trying to be preachy,” Kaeto says. “I’m exploring these things because I’m doing them and I can’t stop.”

It’s in those fringes that Kaeto dredges out the finer details from the darkness and puts them into the songs she’s writing. But this is not a straight genre – it’s a confluence of many. How she found this sound is a lifelong story of sonic discovery.. She went to Clown School, squeezing out the kind of creativity and spontaneity the mundanity of modern life drums out of us, and learned from it.

angry weepy chaos rok trio :’)

METTE’s musical journey is a fusion of diverse influences and personal experiences. Growing up in Alexandria, Minnesota, she defied norms to pursue her passion for music, initially through dance. Joining Pharrell’s tour and starring in N.E.R.D and Rihanna’s ‘Lemon’ video propelled her to fame. Amidst lockdown, she found inspiration for her single ‘Mama’s Eyes’, blending dance beats with soulful vocals. METTE’s success soared with her EP ‘METTENARRATIVE’, showcasing her vocal prowess and introspective lyricism. Achieving #1 in the UK Club Chart and earning accolades, she’s become a celebrated artist, captivating audiences worldwide with her live performances and eclectic style, marking her as a rising star in the music scene.

Nieve Ella Pickering is an English singer. Her 2023 release, Young & Naive/Lifetime of Wanting, charted at No. 38 on the UK Independent Album Chart. She has also supported Dylan, Inhaler, and the Courteeners, and is a member of Loud LDN.

Formed from corners of the UK’s industrial second city, midlands four piece Overpass came together at a young age with an undying desire to create. Some 3 years later, they have surpassed every milestone and expectation and are putting the region back on the map. Riding in the wake of the likes of Editors, Peace, and countless others, Overpass combine influences past and present to create an entirely fresh indie sound. Their precocious clarity on the world captures the essence of their generation, trapped in helplessness and the same Rite of passage as generations before them. After a mammoth 2022 that saw them dominate festival stages, as well as a recent tour supporting Inhaler – 2023 is truly theirs for the taking.

Picture Parlour have recently been broadcasting their historic transmission across the tenebrous quarters of South London and beyond, gaining recognition from all who’ve been smart enough to discover them thus far. After just a handful of live shows, this unit has made a colossal entrance to the music scene.

Observing their ravenously watchable live set, you may question whether you have found yourself back in July 1976 sat on the dusty row of a Cine Lumiere, awaiting a sleazy neo-noir screening. That is if you manage to snatch a ticket before selling out which is an increasingly common theme with this feverish band. Be prepared for an interlude of mini motion pictures that vow to lure audiences with the lyrics of a born thespian, accompanied by a generous dose of spellbinding guitar, and sleazy bass lines.

Picture Parlour comprise singer songwriter Katherine Parlour and guitarist Ella Risi, bassist Sian Lynch and drummer Michael Nash.

For Ray Laurél, music is an extended part of his identity, and something that they are committed to honouring authentically. While most artists tend to be surrounded by music at a young age, Laurél had to seek it out for himself. The 21-year-old, who hails from North West London, tells me that instead of going for the conventional pop records that their peers were listening to, they were drawn to the UK’s underground electronic scene in the early 00s — a sound, which would later influence their own. Touchstones included the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Sampha, James Blake, and particularly, Jai Paul.

SOFT PLAY are the British punk duo made up of Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman. After being on hiatus

for several years, the band, formerly known as SLAVES, have reignited their partnership under a new moniker, and have been back on the road with The Prodigy marking the band’s much anticipated return to the live arena. Instead of shying away from discourse following the decision to change their name, latest single ‘Punk’s Dead’ see’s the band remould the real life criticism and commentary into a Comments Section frankenstein of pure lyrical mastery. Braced by a cast of friends and fans who contribute vocals to the track’s bridge (including one particularly notable guest), the playful return of serve arrives as a timely

reminder of the spirit of humour, joy and community which has always been the cornerstone of the duo’s identity.

East London four-piece SULK are a must-see band. Taking inspiration from a variety of genres, ranging from punk and riot grrrl to blues to shoegaze, their live set is sure to entertain. With energetic performances that’ll start a mosh-pit in the tiniest of underground music venues, as well as tongue-in-cheek lyrics and pounding drums, SULK prioritises a good time. Their first single ‘Give it a Squeeze (Everybody Loves Me)’ is out now.

Essex’s Talia Rae is a 20-year-old deeply emotive and raw artist whose inspirations stem from the greats, including Amy Winehouse whose “Frank” inspired the start of her songwriting journey. Between Talia’s self-education and her tenure at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, music and live performance have played an immeasurable part in her story. Through the honesty and vulnerability in her own work, there is a bold undercurrent she hopes will give others strength in the same way music has for her. Set to release music from 2024, Talia’s songs are encapsulating, and her voice is simply breath-taking.

Wunderhorse are Jacob Slater, Harry Fowler, Peter Woodin, & Jamie Staples. 2022 saw the release of their debut album ‘Cub’, which found fans in Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1, and was named one of the best albums of the year by NME, Riot, and Far Out. The band then went on to tour with the likes of Fontaines D.C., Pixies, Sam Fender, and Foals, whilst selling out their own headline slots along the way. October and November 2023 saw their biggest headline shows to date, while 2024 promises a year to surpass the rest.


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