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10 Questions with Grim Sickers | Bonded

After touring with The Streets two years in a row, making appearances across the globe including major stages such as Glastonbury, Boomtown, Parklife and more, Grim quickly realised the levels that can be achieved with his music. Since then he has been relentlessly releasing content, developing a huge catalogue of music, and he is now embarking on a journey that has no boundaries.

Over recent years Grim Sickers has evolved from being a heavy hitting Grime MC into a fully-rounded artist who has hidden depths to his musical work. The brand new project ‘Sickers The Great’ is reflective of this, as it captures those heavy hitting Grime anthems that initially put the spotlight on him, as well as the laidback flows that encapsulate his passion for Emo-Rap and its surrounding genres.

Covering all things creative from his rise within the music industry and the latest album Sickers The Great to touring with The Streets, performing at Glastonbury, and collaborating with the late Lil Peep, we present 10 Questions with Grim Sickers.

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