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When Billie Met Lisa | Disney + Short

The Simpsons has been known to feature a number of musical guests on the show, including Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more recently, The Weeknd. Now the longstanding cartoon introduces a short film ' When Billie Met Lisa' which is streaming on Disney+ now.

Photo : Disney+

The 3 minute short, which was released April 22, features Billie Eilish alongside her brother Finneas in addition the pair's mother and father, as the 7x Grammy Award Winner discovers Lisa Simpson playing her famous saxaphone under a bridge. Eilish thend fires her in-house orchestra in favour of Lisa and the pair begin to add a spin to The Simpsons original theme song. Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas, voiced themselves for The Simpsons short. Finneas also was featured in a small scene with Bart, where he tries to understand why he’s always helping his sister.

When Billie Met Lisa is streaming now on Disney+.

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