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' This Is How You Find Me ' by Ella Allen is a collection of poetry that acts as a timestamp of the author's life, detailing the everyday struggles and joyous times within their life. Whilst reading this we discovered a poem title ' The Midlands, My 'ome ' that resonated with us so much so, that we launched our clothing brand and produced our first product based on the poem itself. Ella Allen is a midlands based poet and screenwriter. After publishing her debut anthology 'This is How You Find Me' in mid 2022 she studied at the London Film School to complete an MA in Screenwriting. Below is the following inspiration that drove the creativity behind our first T-Shirt launch ' I'll Forgive You For Ignorin Us'.

The Midlands, My 'ome

I'll forgive ya for ignorin' us,

for lumpin' us in with the North

or the South dependin' on which

argument ya want to win, 'cus I know

the truth of what it's like to be stuck

in the smack bang middle of this country

and the ever disputed North/South divide.

I guess it's easy to forget what we 'ave to

offer as a region when, accordin' to a lot

of people, we dunt exist anyway, but what

makes this place ent the historical merits

or some of the genuine beauty that can be

found 'ere, it's the people.

With sing-song voices and our elongated

vowels, forget the 'I' if you're in my neck

of the woods, it's useless - it takes us long

enough to speak anyway, and Lord knows

there are only so many hours in the God

given day.




and Mucka

we're comprised of individuals that no

other place has to offer, unique in our

spirit and our actions, too, like when a pub

down south refused to serve my best friend

more than three drinks, so she left them this


'I'm from the midlands so we do things different to ya'

and I'm tellin' ya it could not be more true.

We keep ourselves to ourselves

and life just flows, things are quiet

and easy goin' and we work for our wealth

and I promise there ent anvthin' better

than confusin' the rest of the country

as they ask themselves:

'what on God's green Earth is a gambol?'

I'm not sayin' we're perfect, that, of course,

TIl concede, I know so many people who love to

use the five-finger discount whenever they can,

Get your coin purses ready 'cus there's a

crackhead who stands outside of the garage

that'll do a dance if ya give 'im 20p,

But ya 'ave to understand,

and I know it's not just me.

that when I come back after

a long time away it's like re-enterin'

my body, like there's somethin' in the

air that, as I breathe in, it tells me to be proud that I'm from here.



0121 the rest of the country can

fuckin' do one, take the exit at the

island that gets me back there.

I take back what I said about bein' forgiven

for forgettin' about us 'cus you're ignorin'

the wonderful stomach of this country, the place that I was grown,

the God's honest land we know as The Midlands, the salt of the Earth

that I call 'ome.


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