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In Conversation: Teefordaplug

In the past five years, 'Teefordaplug' has successfully hosted a diverse range of events across various genres. What distinguishes the organization is its capacity to unite disparate cities under its brand. The network has developed into enduring partnerships, friendships, and valuable business affiliations. 'Teefordaplug' has provided support not only to artists but also to DJs, videographers, photographers, stylists, and collectives hailing from Birmingham, London, Nottingham, Manchester, Wales, Liverpool, and Amsterdam. Unwavering support for every creative individual it collaborates with Teefordaplug's success has led to sponsorships from esteemed brands such as Red Bull, Smirnoff, and Bellaire.

In the midst of planning the ultimate rebrand and transitioning to a new home 'Plugdamotive', Teefordaplug decided it was best to host one final event to celebrate the memories and journey so far!

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Tell us about 'Teefordaplug’. Could you elaborate on where the vision start and how has it progressed?

Teefordaplug was born from my passion for music and desire to support others. I established this brand to empower fellow creatives like myself. Over the last six years, I've collaborated with corporate entities to cultivate opportunities for individuals to DJ, perform, or engage in behind-the-scenes roles.

Describe Teefordaplug in 3 words.

Memorable, Inviting & Versatile.

Out of all the events you have put on what has been your favourite and why?

I think my favourite event was Teefordaplug Reloaded because it was my return back to the events organising side of things after 3 years.

Photo @louishicks99

What is 'Plugdamotives'?

Plugdamotives is me introducing a new chapter to the events side of things. Teefordaplug has been mainly me (Thulani) working independently to build a brand that has included everything events, hosting, and consultancy. After many conversations, I realised that to grow I needed to make the events separate which also made it easier to hire more people. 

How is this next chapter in your journey with 'plugdamotives' similar to 'Teefordaplug' and what differences can we expect?

Plugdamotives and Teefordaplug events are similar in terms of the vibe & feeling they give you. I have been told by a lot of people that they feel safe at the events and I think that’s very important. They are also similar as they will still be hosted by me! 

In terms of differences, I will no longer be doing artist and DJ parties together unless it’s a one-off event. I want to grow the DJ-only parties and artist showcases separately. The journey is also different because it will help me transition into making Teefordaplug more of a host and personality instead of a walking brand that does everything all at once.

Plugdamotives is also about more than just me it’s about the people coming together and collectively using their strengths to bring you back to a place of vibes and nostalgia. 

Photo @louishicks99

Describe Plugdamotives in 3 words.

Exciting, Growing & Nostalgic.

What can we expect from you next?

Expect a new wave of showcases and DJ-only events.

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