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Release Radar - Downfall by The Nu

Welcome to The Nu. A world of chaos lit by neon lights and a soundscape that hits you full frontal with the jagged edge of distortion and trance synth leads in the same breath. The futuristic music project has ambitions to reach Nu heights, creating pumping soundscapes for the 21st century; The Nu combines the electric atmosphere of the dance world and the raw energy of rock n roll to pioneer a fresh approach to music.

Smashing shows around the UK including the launch of massively successful Birmingham DIY night NUSTOCK, filling the 300 capacity venue Mama Roux’s, securing supports slots with the likes of Swim Deep and selling out two nights at The Dark Horse during the pandemic, The Nu is embarking on exciting times ahead with A LOT more music coming out in 2021, starting strong with the latest release Downfall.

Photo @thenuofficial

The Nu is the product of creator Darius Zaltash’s desire to not only create his own brand of musical hedonism, but to be able to not be branded with the solo performer brush. As an auteur he creates every single element of The Nu which in itself is a DIY dream, and creates as many challenges as it does opportunities for presenting your own vision to the world.

Drawing inspiration from acts such as INXS, Crystal Castles and Janes Addiction, The Nu also feels wholly the product of time, spent listening to genre bending heavier rock acts from the 2000’s such as Enter Shikari and other Kerrang tv afternoons and takes the scale of stadium synth laced anthems from the likes of The Killers.

The latest offering ‘Downfall’ touches on the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic but doesn't linger on it, and instead of slapping you in the face with obvious pretense, Darius instead presents the frustration and confusion many of us have suffered through isolating lockdowns perfectly with the emphasis on the student experience.

"It feels like the Government thinks we're disposable, and it made me really question myself and my life choices."

The track itself starts as it means to go on with an urgency that instantly demands your attention. The blending of genres is effortless and doesn't feel at all forced, but perfectly in its place and screams for a live scenario to fill a room with the stadium worthy riffs that I hope aren't too far away for The Nu.

“My mental health is a big part of my life, and I didnt want going to uni to feel like it could be my downfall.”

With the haze of Covid rules slowly being lifted, the future looks bright for The Nu. With a return to the chaotically glorious live shows, The Nu have built a reputation for what will be a truly welcomed experience, marking a celebration that we all faced and survived our own downfalls.

Downfall is available to stream on all platforms now.

Words by Tom Barker


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