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Release Radar : The Most Recent Tunes To Play On Repeat!

If you're looking for some fresh tunes to add to your playlist, be sure to check out the latest releases featured on Bonded's Release Radar. Highlighting some of the latest and greatest tunes that have been released recently. Including exciting debuts and releases from up-and-coming artists, there's something for everyone on this list.

L Devine - Push It Down

L Devine returns with new single ‘ Push It Down ’ from her upcoming debut album. Following her 2021 mixtape ' Near Life Experience ', the singer provides us with a first look at her independently released new music. The track was accompanied with a music video, made in collaboration with director Emilio Boutros. Co-written and co-produced alongside Julien Flew, L Devine addresses themes of a one-sided situationship and details the song as raw and punchy whilst explaining : " Push It Down is about trying to suppress emotions and hide any signs of vulnerability. The song’s feelings boil to the surface while I’m failing to mimic my romantic interest’s nonchalance, before eventually erupting into chaos with heavy guitar stabs and unbridled vocals. "

Beabadoobee feat. Clairo - Glue Song

Beabadoobee has enlisted Clairo for a new take on her 2023 single ' Glue Song.' Beabadoobee first shared ' Glue Song ' on Valentine’s Day with a video shot in in the Philippines. The original track has been streamed nearly 100 million times and saw beabadoobee make her top 40 debut in the UK Official Singles Chart. A few months later, the pair team up to create a new version of the song with Clairo’s dreamy vocals joining in on the new second verse of the love song, and she also sings along during the chorus .

KAYTRAMINÉ feat. Pharell Williams - 4EVA

Earlier on this month, Aminé and Kaytranada announced they had joined forces to become KAYTRAMINÉ. Alongside officially confirming the collaborative project, they have also shared their first single together, ‘4EVA ’, which features vocals and co-production from Pharrell Williams ahead of the release of their self-titled album on May 12th. The track is an vibrant return, showcasing both artists while also leading into somewhere distinct, and unified.

Rachel Chinouriri - Ribs

Rising indie-pop star Rachel Chinouriri drops new single ‘ Ribs ’, ahead of her huge UK tour and 4 consecutive headline shows at London’s Hoxton Hall, where she’ll perform from 9th-12th May. After cementing herself as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now, Rachel Chinouriri has created a summery indie-pop anthem for us to vibe to throughout summer. Chinouriri gave us an insight to how the track came to light stating : “ I wrote Ribs when I had a chest infection and a crush on someone and it was annoying me. So I combined my two annoyances and described my liking of someone as a chest infection that was hurting my ribs because I actually had achy ribs. "

Fred Roberts - Runaway

Introducing pop’s brand new artist Fred Roberts and his debut single ' Runaway '. Both anthemic and introspective, his work encapsulates the struggles of growing up in the modern day and the questioning of one's identity. The 20 year old British songwriter brings you his run out of the gate debut single ' Runaway ', written between LA and the UK with Andrew Wells (Phoebe Bridgers, Halsey) steering the production of the rousing guitar rock track. It feels antithetical to the sound of most queer love songs yet is fuelled by the rejection and heartbreak from a boy he once knew. Fred’s cross generational inspirations move from The Smiths to Brandon Flowers (The Killers), Rufus Wainwright to his adolescent idol Troye Sivan who inspired him to detail his own honest experiences of love and unpack the formative years of his life.

Nieve Ella - Big House

Following her debut EP ' Young and Niave ' and a round of UK and EU shows supporting Inhaler, and Dylan, Nieve Ella releases her latest track ' Big House '. Her debut EP proudly labelled her ‘Young & Naive’ as she figured out how to write songs after picking up her dad’s old guitar during lockdown, while the vulnerable lyrics were written after a coming-of-age crisis whilst Ella’s voice, breezy and rich, heals broken hearts through hooks and harmonies. Fast forward a few months, Nieve has come into her own showcasing a romantic love song filled with warmth and confidience. Accompanied by a video directed by Joe Horridge (Wasia Project, Renao, grentperez) the visual follows Nieve as she celebrates a life of small pleasures in a big house.

King Krule - Seaforth

King Krule, the British singer-songwriter and musician, has been making waves in the indie music scene since his debut album in 2013. And now, after a long wait, he is finally back with a brand new single called ' Seaforth ' which promises to be another hit in his already impressive repertoire. But that's not all - King Krule has also announced the release of his highly anticipated new album, ' Space Heavy ' which is set to drop on June 9th. Fans are eagerly anticipating what promises to be an exciting and innovative addition to the musician's discography. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the new single and album, and explore what fans can expect from this talented artist's latest musical offerings.

Jorja Smith - Try Me

Following on from the release of her highly-praised EP ' Be Right Back ' in 2021 Jorja Smith returns after a quiet two years, the Walsall-born singer makes a grand return with new single ' Try Me '. With a full display of outstanding vocals and powerful songwriting the song highlights themes of the artist no longer second-guessing her worth, whilst being ready to take risks and demands honesty. Produced by French duo DAMEDAME and accompanied by an official video directed by Amber Grace Johnson which has already recieved a ton of praise on social media.

Conrad Stone - Moonlight

Conrad Stone, hailing from South Wales, has just released his incredible new single ' Moonlight ' After exploring various soundscapes and honing his range and versatility, he began to develop his distinct and unique sound, drawing inspiration from his live music background and fusing his wavy vocal melodies with dark beats and guitar samples. As his local fanbase and the music community responded positively to his work, he delved even deeper into this sound, which he calls "Underdog Emo R&B" He is heavily influenced by U.S. rappers such as The Kid Laroi, Corbin, Juice WRLD, and Travis Scott, whose use of guitar-driven beats immediately drew him in.


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