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Ledbyher Unveils Her Latest Single 'RAIN'

Ledbyher is a 19-year-old self-produced songstress who is rising through the smoke in the UK with her own sub-genre ‘Bedroom Drill’. Ledbyher is determined to continue to craft her own unique, bespoke path within the alternative scene, in more ways than one. Her latest single, 'RAIN,' not only pushes boundaries but also offers a glimpse into her upcoming EP. She takes full creative control, self-producing, writing, mixing, and mastering 'RAIN'. The music video, filmed by Christina Phan and edited by Ledbyher herself, adds another layer to the artistry. It's inspiring to witness this DIY artist shine, so show her some love and stream 'RAIN' now!!!

"RAIN is a small pocket into my life throughout the rural villages I call home. It carries an attitude which allows me to spill an inkling of my story surrounding hardship with substances, money and love, from a place that isn’t a city, which is where a lot of those stories are told. It’s my way of speaking out to the rest of the country from a tucked away corner of the nation."

"The music video was filmed in an area of my town called ‘Bawsey’. It’s almost tradition around here that every summer you flock and stay all day and night with your people to smoke and swim through the lakes until inevitably the police rock up and boot you out haha. So having this EP’s debut video shot at a place that we grew up to cherish, definitely feels like I'm representing for my area."

Ledbyher's rise in the UK music scene is nothing short of inspiring. As a DIY artist who takes complete control of her creative process, she embodies the spirit of independence and artistic freedom. Her music resonates with listeners on a deep level, offering a glimpse into her life and experiences in a way that feels both personal and relatable. Show Ledbyher some love and support her musical journey. Stream 'RAIN' now and keep an eye out for her upcoming EP.



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