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In Conversation: Pavit Sanghera

Pavit Sanghera is a 22 year old R&B/Indian fusion singer-songwriter based in Birmingham. Having lived in Spain and India for several years she has experienced each culture with open arms allowing her to incorporate them into her sound, specifically Pavit is trained in Indian classical music which heavily influence her tracks.

Since the age of fifteen Pavit Sanghera has been performing in and around Birmingham showcasing her talent. Both of her most recent releases have also been played on BBC Introducing, ‘You Ran Away’ making it into their top 6 that got featured on BBC Sounds.

Photo @pavsanghera

Where did your musical journey begin?

Ever since I was in school I have always taken part in my school choir, without fail. I loved music and it was more of an escape than anything at that age. It never struck me as something I was good at until I was 11 years old. This is when my mom actually heard me singing to myself one day and got surprised at how well I sang. After that I moved all the way to India to learn Indian classical music as a base to my singing. Once I got my training and finished school I started studying music at college and then at university.

Growing up, who were your biggest creative inspirations? And who are your biggest influences to date?

From a young age I have been inspired by singers with strong voices such as Jessie J, JOJO, Demi Lovato and Adele. I have grown up singing their songs and I've strived to make my voice just as powerful. Another artist is Raghav who was the only brown representation in the mainstream charts at the time. I really got inspired by how he melded Indian stylistic components in his songs. I actually also got to interview him for my dissertation last year and it was so surreal! Up until now I still am inspired by them all and the list has only grown. I am so mesmerised by artists like SZA, Jorja Smith, Jhené Aiko, NF, Billie Eilish and many more. I really get inspired by so many artists because there are so many talented people in the world that it’s hard not to be inspired!

Within your music, what is a message you’re always trying to convey?

Even though my songs recently have been very different from each other, they always will have influences from my Indian classical training. Thus, the underlying message in each one of them is that being different is okay. There aren’t many brown/south asian artists that have made it to the mainstream music scene and that does affect a lot of us because it makes us doubt our talent and our success. I want those people to know that you can be yourself and also create good music and hopefully I can be that representation in the mainstream charts.

Photo @pavsanghera

Is there a specific song in your catalogue that has a hidden message or a story behind it?

All my songs have stories behind them. I have to go through something to write about it because then I feel like I can actually depict the emotion properly into my song. One song though that people don’t know much about is my first single ‘Anymore’. No one knows who or what that song is about. I am all about being transparent with my music so I guess I’ll give you a little insight into that one. The song is basically about a father figure that was a vital part of my life. My parents are divorced so this father figure was the only “man” in my life at the time. He inevitably left as well which was very hard for me to overcome. The song tells the story of the stages I went through. From wanting him back in my life to finally moving on at the end of the song and not wanting that anymore. The chorus lyrics change throughout the song to show the process of me moving on.

What has been a highlight in your work so far?

It has to be filming and releasing my music video for ‘Better Decisions’. It was my first ever professional music video I have done and it was such a cool premise for a music video. Izzy (videographer/editor) and I had so much fun filming it! It might be a weird one for most people but it’s more the fact that I did it during lockdown. In the start I was being lazy and using the lockdown as an excuse for not releasing music but I got over that obstacle and actually filmed a music video during that crazy time, which is mental.

Apart from music, do you have any other creative outlets that you enjoy?

I love dancing! I have been dancing since I was very very young and I just love the fluidity of each dance style. I’ve been in dance classes ever since I can remember. I used to choreograph my dance routines too but haven’t done that in a while, except for the little bit of dancing in my music video. I definitely want to add more dancing into my music videos in the future.

How has living in Birmingham city shaped your creativity?

I left Birmingham when I was around 8 years old so I didn’t really get to build any likes or dislikes in music. When I was back in Birmingham going to college it opened me to so many different types of artists with different genre preferences. I was introduced to some Indie Rock bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen and heavy metal bands like Bullet for My Valentine! I came to actually love that genre of music which I don’t think I would’ve if I wasn’t exposed to it in this creative atmosphere.

Is there anyone on the local scene that you think deserves a bigger platform?

I think Stuart Woolfenden is an amazing singer/songwriter who deserves a much bigger platform! He is so hardworking and his new sound is going to get everyone hyped! He even produces the songs himself so thats a skill in itself! Also, Stay At Home And Die’s songs are beyond amazing and you should for sure watch out for them. They all are so talented.

Photo @pavsanghera

Press shuffle on your favourite playlist and tell us the first song that comes up.

Palace by DIRTYXAN :)

What has been your greatest achievement so far in your journey and how did you overcome any of the set back whilst on the journey?

My biggest achievement is getting back into gigging! Before last year, I hadn’t gigged in around 4-5 years. I was so comfortable on stage, I didn’t have stage fright at all and I loved performing! However, one year into university in London, I got diagnosed with Tuberculosis, and had to take a gap year to focus on my treatment for which I went back to India for. That whole period of my life has to be the hardest thing I have and ever will go through and during that time my relationship with music worsened, I started to hate writing songs or singing. During the 2 years I was undergoing treatment, I had started uni again but back in Birmingham and I had been taken over by stage fright which stopped me from gigging all through my last 2 years at uni. At the end of my last year of uni, I worked on it and forced myself to start gigging again and I’m so glad I did because now I love it again!

What is next for Pavit Sanghera?

You will be excited to know that my new saucy single ‘Fake Love’ is coming out on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and I am so excited for everyone to hear this track because I think its the best song I’ve made in my opinion. I have really stepped up my songwriting game trust me so make sure you are excited and ready for this next one. It’s basically for the single Pringles but also the ones that are taken. It’s a sex, feel good song about just having fun but also the juxtaposition of how we as humans are always in the pursuit of a thing called Love. I am also planning on focusing on an EP next but that idea is still in the works and not yet fully planned out.

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