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Introducing: Liv Campbell

Liv Campbell is an Contemporary Soul artist from Stafford. Inspired by Lianne La Havas and Erykah Badu the singer songwriter incorporates soulful tones with soft gentle melodies. Recently gaining the attention of Jazz FM, the future for Liv Campbell is bright, with the release of her upcoming project/EP in sight, Liv is an artist to keep an eye out for.

Photo @11livcampbell11

You’ve recently released your debut track ‘Seasons’ which has had a great response, specifically from Jazz FM, how does it feel to put your art out to the world?

It’s such an amazing feeling, I never would have thought that my first release would receive the response that it has. It’s made me feel like I can do anything and that just being myself is enough, more than enough infact.

Is there a specific approach you take when writing songs? Is there anywhere in particular or anyone you know you will be able to productively write a song?

I like to create and write at home, in my complete comfort zone. Working with Echari has sparked alot of my creativity recently, the sounds that he creates are perfect for the chilled, relaxing vibes I’m going for. I’ve found that going for walks around my hometown inspires and helps me to write, when my mind is clear of day to day thoughts I can think deeper.

You released 'Seasons' whilst in lockdown, which is incredible, how has lockdown hindered or enhanced your creativity, and do you have any tips for creatives like yourself?

Although I’ve had plenty of weeks simply watching Netflix and roller skating constantly, lockdown has actually given me the chance to know myself. I’m allowing myself to relax more and enjoy the smaller things in life - don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just take time and learn to love the process. Not everything you create needs to be a hit, perhaps just take it as a reflection of where you are in that moment - which I think is incredibly special.

Photo @11livcampbell11

Did you always see yourself becoming a musician growing up, if not was there another vision you had in mind?

I never dreamt of anything else, it's that whole cliche of I’ve wanted this since I can remember. Music has always been my release, my comforter and a way to celebrate my achievements. Nothing brings me joy like it, Its feels as if I’ve had no choice but pursue this as a career.

Although I’ve recently taken up roller skating and if there's any chance of that being my day job (doubtful) I’ll happily take it!

Who would you say you take musical influence from?

My main influences are Erykah Badu, D’Angelo and Lianne La Havas. I’m in love with Neo-Soul sounds and lyrics with relatable, real meaning. I’ve learnt from these artists to create with intention and to make a difference.

If you could have been in the studio when one song was being created what song would it be?

It has to be a song from the ‘Baduizm’ album [by Erukah Badu], it’s so hard to choose one. But if I had to, it would be ‘Appletree’! I love the way she’s telling a story, owning her authentic self and not willing to change character for anyone. It’s certainly a song with strength for me.

Photo @11livcampbell11

Are there any creatives right now that you think deserves a bigger platform?

I’m a huge fan of Jordan Mackampa, I’ve been following his journey for a while now and his music is breathtaking. ‘Foreigner’ is an absolute masterpiece and I recommend that everyone takes a listen, I’m in awe of him willing to show such vulnerability. Along with his smooth vocals and dreamy guitar sounds he’s truly deserving of a much bigger platform.

Is there anything we should look forward to in 2021 regarding you and your music?

I am looking to release a small project/EP later on in the summer with Echari, which I’m so excited about - I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life! I’m also working on a few DnB , House and Liquid tracks. I can’t wait for you all to hear what I’m bringing this year, I’m forever grateful for the support, it means the world.

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