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Introducing: BRI

BRI is a Birmingham based artist bringing 2000's R&B sentiment into her own unique vision. Her music holds a sincere message of empowerment and contains uplifting message for her audience, she wants them to see the importance of putting time into what you love and what makes you feel your best self. Inspired by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Jorja Smith, Amy Winehouse and Mahalia. Bri brings her own unique vision and take on a genre coming into its own and providing a soundtrack to the importance of empowerment and creativity.

Your debut single ‘Shower Time’ is out now, this has been a long-awaited release. Could you tell us about your initial start as an artist and how this has progressed?

Music has always been a big passion of mine since a young age, I had guitar lessons and I was always singing and dancing everywhere I went; but I'd say in the last two years and especially since I moved to Birmingham and started uni, I've really found myself and found my sound.

‘Shower Time’ is your debut release. How does it feel to be an artist so fresh in existence - trying to make an impact in the music industry? 

It's very exciting, but also scary! I'm so proud and pleased with the response since releasing Shower Time so hopefully it can only get better from here. I will definitely be taking every opportunity I get.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened to you before? 

I would say my music has a very chilled out, warm vibe to it, but also a bit of attitude at the same time. I want people to be able to dance to my music and feel good when they listen to it.

You are based in Birmingham, what is your favourite thing about living there? And where do you go for adventures?

I haven't lived in Birmingham for long so I have lots more to explore but so far one of my favourite things is Birmingham always seems to be a vibrant place, its never boring. And also I love that my friends live so close to me. For adventures we like to go on late night trips, we often walk to new places we've never seen and usually end up finding something cool or taking pictures.

Your new track Shower Time is out now. Can you tell us what it is about? 

It's a song about new beginnings. Feeling guilty for leaving some friends and relationships behind, but at the same time not being guilty as you're doing what's best for you and you know its the right thing.

What was the process of creating the track?

I worked with Satane who produced the song, the whole track was recorded in his bedroom using our makeshift booth haha. We actually started the song late at night when we were just feeling inspired to make some music, we didn't intend to actually write something we both really loved. The song actually changed a lot from the first demo, we got some advice of others so we ended up re-working the whole song to really hone in on the style and make the best it could be, it was a fun process I really enjoyed it.

Who are your key influences when it comes to your music? 

My key influences would be the likes of Jorja Smith, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill and Mahalia. I love the feel of their music and the storytelling in the songwriting also. I'm also very inspired by my friends and tutors around me.

Is there any local artists right now that you think people should keep an eye out for?

Definitely, lots! my good friends Nizar and Lottie Blogg have just released a track called 'Whispers' which is a big tune.

Press Shuffle on your favourite playlist and tell us the first song that plays.

'Nothing even Matters' by Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo came on. This is one of my favourite songs, I love all of the runs and harmonies I think its a really fun song to sing.

What’s next for BRI?

My aim for this year is to write and record lots more of my ideas and songs, I have so much I want people to hear so hopefully you will enjoy<3

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