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In Conversation : Visuals by Benjamin

Benjamin Johnson is a portrait photographer from the West Midlands, starting out photography when he traveled around Indonesia at 14 to then choosing it as a GCSE. He has photographed many different people, including Noisy, EYK, Jaws & The New Consistant. We sat down with him to talk about his influences, experience and advice for new comers to photography...

Tell us how it all started and what inspired you.

I took photography as a BTEC at secondary school, I then found myself taking more portraits than actually doing the coursework. I’m now at college on a higher education in Walsall. My inspiration in portraiture was and still is Rosie Matheson, I think her work tells a story. I’ve kind of just got my own style.

Has there been a particular experience in any one of your projects that stands out amongst the others?

The documentary I filmed for TNC, we went up to Worcester to film him walking about his old town and the reasons why he started making music and how the subjects around him inspired him, this is the link to that: THE NEW CONSISTENT - 'Stories From The 01905' EP Documentary

How has living in your local area shaped your photography?

I come from a small village so i did a little series on living here but i’d usually catch the bus to Birmingham or Walsall and document around there

Is there a message that you always try to convey through your work?

Yes there always is. It's to capture the moment and hopefully tell a story.

Who Influences you and your work the most? Is there a specific photographer you would class as your idol?

Here are my two influences, Rosie Matheson, her portraits are class, Gavin Watson, the books he’s released are great and then finally Alasdair McLellan, his photography in ‘the palace’ book is inspirational.

Favorite Lens?

35mm 1.8 Nikon lens.

What could you see yourself doing if photography wasn’t a part of your Life?

Tricky one, i’ve always been a creative person. I like talking to people and getting to know them, I’m nervous as when I meet someone new at times, probably working in retail.

Anyone in the scene that you want to shout out ?

Here we go, The New Consistent, great geeza. Finn Naughton, his videography is beyond amazing, Ash from 96.chsa, love his graff stuff and documentation of it. My good friend RayHeart, shes a musician from Birmingham, definitely one to look out for. Many many more!

Any words of wisdom for a photographer starting out?

Just keep shooting, go to events, network and just have fun.

Where do you want to take your creativity next?

I’ve got something in the pipeline, keep ya eyes peeled.

Visuals by Benjamin links:


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