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Gyal? Gyal? Gyal?

Born December 1999 in Birmingham, England. Mason Newman is a multidisciplinary artist. Having his start in fashion creating and building 2 labels Mason had an idea and decided to take the leap into the project. Gyal is a concept of us as humans figuring out who we are. We never truly know who we are. Does that make us all the same person? are we one? Gyal is a nod on us all being the same on our journey to discovering ourselves. The iconic gyal eyes and mouth emphasise that.

Anyone can be gyal and gyal is everyone.

Photo @mason__newman

Launching his latest series "“all my favourite artists are dead." Mason Newman presents a variety of icons worthy of legendary status highlighting their influence on the world and specifically Mason when growing into his creativity.

When discussing the meaning behind the original painting ' Virgil Dies ' Mason stated :

" Virgil inspired me to print my first t shirt. start my first brand and leave school at 16 to put everything into making it out and believing in my own creative vision. Without virgil’s impact and influence i wouldn’t be the artist i am today and fuck knows what i’d be doing with my life but i know for sure i wouldn’t be creating how i am. The doors he broke down for us all are fucking wild. some don’t realise that we are able to do what we do because of virgil. one of the greatest multidisciplinary artists of our time, in so many fields too. Thank you Virgil. "

Photo via

Additionally, when discussing the " Warhol Dead " release Newman stated :

" I remember some point at school when i was around 8 years old the teacher introduced us to andy warhol and “pop art” i was obsessed. We had to create our own pop art pieces. i drew a bunny rabbit with an orange background. i said then i wanted to be an artist. The first time i ever saw an original warhol in real life was actually in my friends living room. again i was obsessed and most importantly had me thinking deep. Subconsciously i’ve always wanted to create pieces that outlive me. nows the time i do that. "



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