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In Conversation: Lime Garden

‘One More Thing’ is the introspective debut of Lime Garden, a four-piece band hailing from Brighton. Delving into candid reflections on the transition from youth to adulthood, the album offers deep contemplations on the uncertainties of the future, therefore incorporating themes that invite connection of listeners from all walks of life.

Chloe Howard (vocals), Leila Deeley (lead guitar), Annabel Whittle (drums), and Tippi Morgan (bass) collectively form Lime Garden, the indie-electro band comprised entirely of women emerging from the challenging landscape of the predominantly male-dominated music industry. Since 2020, the band has released multiple singles, supported The Big Moon on tour and graced major festivals worldwide, establishing significant momentum leading up to their debut album.

As a tightly bonded group of best friends, they've been creating DIY music since the age of 16, drawing inspiration from artists such as Caroline Polachek, Charli XCX, Bloc Party, and The Breeders, among others. Their album showcases an exhilarating blend of disco, surf, and pop, resulting in a satisfying fusion.

Photo: Jono White

What was the biggest inspiration behind your debut album 'One More Thing'?

The Metallica documentary, growing up and life lessons.

What track from the album is your favourite to perform live?

Pine or Floor (WATCH OUT!)

Photo: Percy Walker Smith

What's next for Lime Garden?

World domination and a Grammy.

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