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In Conversation: Bea Anderson

With a deep connection to lyricism, melody and creativity that inspires, Bea Anderson steps forward to share not only her heart but the beauty she perceives in her everyday environment. The London-born singer/songwriter’s matches matters of the heart and the beauty of the journey of life,with catchy melodies to bring timeless art of impact. Coming from a Caribbean heritage but with an appreciation and understanding of her culture and roots even before that, Bea is keen to emphasise the diversity and range in the music of black women.

Drawing influence from artists such as H.E.R., Lauryn Hill and Solange, Bea’s sound is fresh, uncompromising and a welcome addition to the UK R&B scene. Bea Anderson has already garnered support from the likes of Capital XTRA, BBC1Xtra, No Signal, i-D, Clash, GUAP, Notion and many more. Armed with versatility and and an earnest and honest approach,not only is she a musician, she produces, arranges and engineers.

Bonded chatted with Bea about her latest release 'Eden.' where the singer/songwriter has drawn inspiration from a culmination of life lessons, experiences and present and future intentions that have shaped her journey so far.

Where did your journey begin, and could you bring us up to your current position within your creative journey?

Church on a Sunday was most definitely the catalyst that instilled a love for music in me! I began playing the guitar at the age of 11 and subsequently started writing music once I became more fluid in this skill. Fast forward to now, I’ve just released my debut project - Eden. which includes my two singles Easy & Nauseous. I reference the importance guitar because that was literally the starting point of every song on this project - me writing to my guitar. The journey has felt like a lifetime, but, in actuality, it is just beginning! I'm ecstatic to have finally released music and to release even more. I'm already in the studio developing future projects - excittting!

In regard to writing and producing your debut EP 'Eden.', what was that like as a process?

It has been such a journey.. Not only was the aim to write an EP, but to cultivate a sound I could call my own. I’ve jumped in my feels for this EP and been as real as possible with myself. Each track is a taster into not only me as an artist but what makes me who I am as a person. I really had to hone in on my influences, inspirations & ask myself how I wanted to present myself as an artist. We’ve experimented with sounds, styles, instruments, themes - the works! There’s songs that didn’t make the cut, songs that got changed last minute.

Is there one song on the EP that has an extra special meaning to you?

EASY! This song means so much to me. One of the first people I played it to told me it sounded like I wrote it about myself, since then I haven’t looked at it in the same way. Not only does this song feel like my first born, the song taught me to genuinely love myself.

Photo @naomishaxph

Where do you feel most creative? Is there a certain place where you know you will be able to write a song?

Around my friends and family!! I find myself feeling creative from just being around the good vibes of my people. It means I purposely will carve out that space to create those meaningful moments which, in turn, give me some great material.

What influences the music you create?

Life experiences. I like to write from as “real” a perspective as possible - especially when writing for myself. Having that personal connection to a song helps me with not only the lyrical content but then what’ll influence the melody choices and vocal arrangements to ensure I really display the emotion within the song.

On a more personal note, what or who has inspired you the most during the creative journey you have been on?

This might sound so cheesy, but my niece! She’s literally my best friend. She’s only a teenager, but watching her has inspired me so much. She looks up to me, so I have to be on job. As every creative, there are moments where you can’t be bothered and are ready to quit, but having her in the back of my mind has kept me moving.

Photo @aidenhw

With music as a whole, how important is it to you?

So important. I’m a firm believer of walking in purpose. You know when you’re just meant to do something? That’s how I feel about music. Now I’ve got the ball rolling, I’ve seen how life’s suddenly unfolding but more so the contentment and peace that’s come from walking in my authentic truth.

What has been the highlight in your work so far?

I think the response to Easy. It was my first single and I tried my best to keep the notion of ‘no expectations, no disappointments’ at the front of my mind - to avoid expected anxiety. I really was just happy enough knowing that I’d finally put out music! But then when the traction grew, suddenly it was amongst some of the largest playlists. To this day I am still in awe.

Top 3 dream collaborations?

Daniel Caesar, Jasmine Sullivan and Chronixx.

Bit of a fun question now, we like to do this a lot with creatives. Press shuffle on your favourite playlist and tell us the first song that plays.

I Know What You Want - Busta Rhymes (Feat. Mariah Carey)

Photo @aidenhw

Within your career who has been a creative you have taken inspiration from the most within your work?

That's a really hard one! I think I’ve always shown a fondness for 90’s RnB, but in particular, girl groups and boy bands. I love the use of lyrics, harmonies, structure and movement in the songs.They really take you on a journey. There’s just a feeling they give you when you listen to them. If I had to pinpoint one though, it would probably be Destiny’s Child.

What do you hope that people get out of your music?

An addition to their support system… My aim with music is really to create songs that assist people in every area of their lives. Knowing that someone could listen to one of my songs to help them when they’re low or when they’re at their happiest is the true bag!!!

Stream Eden. by Bea Anderson HERE

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