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“The Godfather of the small festival scene” coming straight out of the idyllic Oxfordshire countryside, have been able to treat fans to some of the biggest and best emerging artists since 1998! Hosting this year's festival headliners Truck Festival will be joined by the likes of Jamie T, Wet Leg, The Streets, IDLES and more. We've picked out some of our favourite acts from The Tramlines 2024 Lineup that you should check out. Get your tickets here!!!


The Streets, is a British music project that blends elements of UK garage, hip-hop, and alternative music. Formed in 1994 and fronted by Mike Skinner, The Streets gained widespread acclaim for their unique sound and incisive, often introspective lyrics. Their debut album, "Original Pirate Material," released in 2002, was particularly influential, earning critical praise and a dedicated fan base. The Streets is known for hits such as "Fit But You Know It," "Dry Your Eyes," and "Blinded by the Lights." Over the years, the band has released several albums and has been recognised for its impact on the British music scene.


SOFT PLAY is a British punk duo consisting of Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman. After several years on hiatus, the band, previously known as SLAVES, has reunited under a new name. They've returned to the live music scene, touring with The Prodigy. Embracing the discussions sparked by their name change, their latest single, "Punk’s Dead," transforms real-life criticism and commentary into a masterful blend of lyrics, reminiscent of a "Comments Section" Frankenstein. The track features vocals from friends and fans, including a particularly notable guest, showcasing the duo’s trademark humor, joy, and sense of community.


British indie rock band Wet Leg, gained rapid acclaim with their debut single "Chaise Longue," released in June 2021, which went viral for its catchy lyrics and quirky music video. Their sound blends elements of post-punk, indie rock, and pop, characterised by witty and often surreal lyrics. Wet Leg's energetic and playful approach to music, along with their engaging live performances, has garnered them a significant following and critical praise within a short span of time. Their self-titled debut album, released in April 2022, further established their reputation in the indie music scene.


Known for their intense and energetic live performances, British punk band, IDLES have gained a reputation for their raw, abrasive sound and politically charged lyrics. The band's music often addresses issues of societal injustice, personal struggles, and the complexities of modern life, all delivered with a sense of urgency and sincerity. They have been praised for their commitment to authenticity and their ability to connect with audiences through both their recordings and live shows.


British indie-rock band Lime Garden have gained attention for their distinctive sound that blends elements of indie rock, post-punk, and pop, characterised by catchy melodies, dynamic rhythms, and insightful lyrics. Lime Garden's music often explores themes of youth, identity, and contemporary life, delivered with a blend of wit and introspection. Their singles, such as "Sick & Tired" and "Clockwork," have been well-received, earning them spots on various indie music playlists and increasing their presence on the live music scene. The band is noted for their energetic performances and the chemistry between the members, which translates into a captivating live experience.


Willie J Healey is a British singer-songwriter and musician known for his eclectic style that blends elements of rock, pop, and indie music. Hailing from Oxfordshire, Healey has developed a reputation for his distinctive sound, which often incorporates nostalgic influences from the 60s and 70s alongside modern indie rock sensibilities. Known for his engaging live performances, Willie J Healey continues to grow his fan base and earn praise for his innovative approach to songwriting and his ability to craft memorable, genre-blending tunes.


Rising British singer-songwriter Nieve Ella is known for her heartfelt and relatable indie-pop music. Emerging from the West Midlands, she has gained attention for her honest lyrics, catchy melodies, and soulful vocal delivery. Nieve Ella's music often explores themes of love, personal growth, and the complexities of modern life, resonating with a young audience. Her relatable songwriting and intimate performance style have quickly garnered her a growing fan base and recognition within the indie music scene. Nieve Ella is considered one of the promising new talents in the UK music industry, with a bright future ahead.


Mary in the Junkyard are an exciting experimental rock trio, composed of guitarist and vocalist Clari Freeman-Taylor, bassist and viola player Saya Barbaglia, and drummer David Addison. The band are not only well known for their mesmerising sound but for their dynamic performances.


Known for their dreamy and melodic sound, which blends elements of indie rock, pop, and shoegaze.

English Teacher has gained attention for their catchy hooks, lush arrangements, and introspective lyrics, which often explore themes of personal reflection, relationships, and the nuances of everyday life. They have released several singles and EPs, and have been featured on various indie music platforms and radio stations. The band has been praised for their evocative songwriting and atmospheric soundscapes, making them a notable presence in the contemporary indie music scene.


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