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In Conversation: Tequisha

Born in the UK, Tequisha was brought up by an Indian-Spanish Mother and a French-Algerian father in Northampton. She went on to study music at university, and while studying the business and technical elements she realised performing was what she loved. Growing up on pop, soul and jazz music, Tequisha keeps these early influences present in the music she makes. With almost 2 million Spotify streams under her belt and having already worked with prominent producers Charlie Hugall (Halsey, Celeste) and Jack Wilson (Fickle Friends), Tequisha has the backing of well known and respected industry names.

Tequisha's debut EP Complicated consists of a collection of 5 songs including a culmination of pop-tastic anthems and romantic melodies that showcase Tequisha’s multifaceted talent. Complicated includes Tequisha’s upbeat first single 'Something' as well as powerful follow up 'Maybe One Day' which have amassed over 80k combined streams so far.Her first two singles garnered support from titles such as i-D, Notion, The Independent, The Line of Best Fit, tmrw and more, as well as playlist support from Spotify and Apple Music.

Where did your journey begin, and could you bring us up to your current position within your creative journey?

I think music has always played a leading role in my life. My Papa is a DJ and my Mum is a beautiful singer, both from different cultures. There was always music on and always a range of music playing; being brought up in a home where no two songs were the same gave me the freedom to create my own sound without boundaries today. This is definitely something I hear when I listen to my EP.

Describe your sound in three words?

Honest. Euphoric. Optimistic.

In regard to writing and producing your debut EP ‘Complicated', what was that like as a process?

All over the place. Heartbreaking. Freeing. Almost every song started in my bedroom from a feeling and found its way to the studio with me. I co-produce everything so it was the most beautiful and collaborative experience. The producers I work with were (and are) so attentive in getting the ideas in my head out sonically. When you have an exchange like that everything flows out naturally.

Photo: Sarah Dawodu

Are there any reoccurring lyrical themes within your EP 'Complicated'?

When I listen back on everything now, the overall and reoccurring theme for me is growth. Maybe that’s just because it’s based on my own experience, but as each track plays out, I can hear myself ‘choosing me’ more and more, louder and louder.

Is there one song on the EP that has an extra special meaning to you?

Complicated [A Love Letter] - This person and I were in a place where there was so much unsaid, this is all the things I wanted to say but couldn’t. The voice in the beginning is my Papa. He had sat with me one morning and tried to unravel what was going on without prying too much but I think he knew what it was about. When you’re in that headspace not every conversation is going to resonate with you, but everything he was saying was so beautiful that I pretended I was checking a missed call and hit record, I wanted to keep it forever. You can even hear a plane flying overhead in the background, it still makes me feel like I’m there when I listen - it’s like a time capsule.

Where do you feel most creative? Is there a certain place where you know you will be able to write a song?

For my own music I think it’s more of a time situation rather than a place. I always write from experience - sometimes there will be moments or situations of real significance for me and following those is when I feel most creative or know that I’m going to have something to write. I also love writing for other people; in that sense, just being in a room with other musicians is magic in itself.

On a more personal note, what or who has inspired you the most during the creative journey you have been on?

If we’re speaking personally, I think the most important to mention would be my parents. Their their resilient belief that we have one life to live, and following our passions and our dreams is what it’s for - this is what gives me the inspiration to go after the things I love, big and small, because the only thing stopping me from reaching them is myself.

Top 3 dream collaborations?

Chris Martin. Calvin Harris. Julia Michaels.

Photo @tequishamusic

Is there a message you always aim to convey in your music? And why is it important to you?

Honesty. Music is so special, we’re able to connect with people we’ve never met before by the things we say, the feelings put out there. Finding that song that paints exactly what you’re going through, thinking, reminiscing on, and knowing that the person who made that felt or feels the same makes us all more human.

Within your career who has been a creative you have taken inspiration from the most within your work?

The people I work with closely on my music - I know that’s probably not the answer we were going for here. They’re not only my friends but they’re passionate, innovative and motivated - I’m always learning something from them and I think that kind of presence in your creative life is invaluable.

Highlight of your career so far?

Finally sharing this EP with you x


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