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In Conversation : SYTË

SYTË are known for bringing more honest songwriting to the table allowing listeners to embody and connect to their emotions. Fusing pop-perfect hooks with a laid back indie style, SYTË is an emerging band making it’s mark in the alt-pop scene. “I know you inside out, I know you all too well,” opens a lyrically dreamy and full-bodied new track by SYTË called “Sirena.” The emerging band crafts a genre that is near fluid with a style that is effervescent. “Sirena” is written, produced, recorded, and mixed by the band themselves. For listeners of Little Dragon, The Internet, Solange, Kali Uchis, Alternative R&B and Dream Pop.

What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?

Hi Ben! Nice to speak to you again well we didn’t reach Mars but we’re working on it so yeah that’s pending I guess. As of now I’m packing all the shit in my apartment into three suitcases and moving back to New Jersey to start the next chapter in my life/SYTË’s career! We’ll be NYC based so let’s be friends (to anyone in the area reading this).

Tell us about your latest single ‘Sirena’ did anything change in your approach to writing this song compared to previous?

I never really know what I’m doing while I’m doing something, but it seems that I’ve taken a more minimalistic approach to lyrics this time. The production is more maximalist and eclectic… like… jingly and textured… than usual which is something I loveeeee!!!!

Who were your biggest inspirations when recording your latest single?

Sirena is “aquatic” themed: it all started with Drin’s bubbly, liquid-sounding synth. And then I recorded the “siren song'' vocal samples, and the song took a beachy/poolside stance altogether. I’m happy this song is coming out in the fall because it feels like we preserved a little bit of the summer’s joy to keep us going through the seasonal depression. Also for the single art, after it was shot and we edited it: I thought it gave David LaChapelle vibes. The song’s kind of like a LaChapelle piece too: a sobering message encapsulated in a colorful, glossy tune. Similar to flavored children’s medicine.

If you had to use only one of your songs to put people onto your music, which song would you use and why?

Oh damn that’s a good question… I’m torn between Crystal Floor (a true classic in my eyes) and Sirena. I’m obsessed with Sirena right now, I’ve been its number one fan since the early demo days.

What's one song that always puts you in a good mood without fail?

“Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior. They put some type of feel-good crack in that song, seriously. Not even the nostalgic factor could dampen this song’s mood! Very rare to me.

Who in the scene at the moment do you think deserves a bigger platform?

Us. Can I say that?

Is there one song in your catalog that has an extra special meaning to you and could you tell us more about that track?

We wrote “Venus” about our special girl Venus, a senior English cocker spaniel I impulsively adopted when I was 18. She came to me at the very beginning of my journey living in Kosovo, and left me shortly before I was ready to move back to the US. I’m convinced she was my earthly guardian angel, accompanying me through every difficult moment I experienced during this transitional period in my life, away from the immediate support of my family back in America. That little queen seemed to have a million lives in her, surviving over 6 years of abuse and malnutrition until I adopted her. I wrote the lyrics to “Venus” in 2018, shortly after I adopted her, because I just wanted to honor her perfect little existence. She even has vocals on the song! I loved her and will always love her so much. We lost Venus to cancer on June 18th after her fierce year-long battle against it. It was clear that she just didn’t want to fight anymore, and though we were so used to her constantly overcoming every illness with pure tenaciousness, we just had to accept the reality and let her go. Every now and then I listen to the song just like to hear her voice again.

What's been a highlight in your work so far?

We performed main stage at Sunny Hill Festival, meaning I bounced around on the same stage as Dua Lipa, Skepta and J Balvin, so that was an insanely cool development.

What can we expect from you next? You can expect us to dabble in new genres! It’s easy to have a clear style when you’re only making music in the same genre, but we want to challenge ourselves to still have a distinct SYTË sound even if the genre we’re producing in is way different from anything we’ve done before.



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