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In Conversation: Lily Razuki

Lily's practice ranges between painting, embroidery, digital drawing and the development of funky patterns. Discovering and dabbling with different medians and styles, all of which change and grow as Lily does. Lily's admiration towards art began after she finished high school in Australia. Previously dabbling in the practical side of arts wide corners, only to then realise the exciting world of theory and written discussion was where her heart lay.

Photo @lilyrazuki

Where did your creative journey begin?

I always found myself drawing in high school, for me it was an escape from the less exciting subjects. I really came into creativity as a lifestyle a couple years after graduating. As my fashion style and music taste began to change and widen, as did my curiosity to explore and experience art in all forms.

Who are your top influences in terms of your art and creativity?

Ooft huge question. Probably got to be those closest to me, my family is incredibly creative in all different areas, so seeing what they come up with and create constantly inspires me. In terms of my poetry practice, the author Rupi Kaur inspires me daily, she’s seriously got a special way with words.

Photo @lilyrazuki

What piece of art has been your most important/favourite so far?

My sister @orlawton and I did an Instagram exhibition called Growing Pains throughout lockdown in Melbourne. It was about our transition from girlhood to womanhood, and all of the pain and love that comes in-between. We responded to 4 separate themes through poetry and painting, and took the opportunity to be as honest and open as we could. The paintings and poems are still on my Instagram @lilyrazuki, feel free to check them out ☺.

Photo @lilyrazuki / @orlawton

Photo @lilyrazuki

Is it important to you that your art can be interpreted as you originally intended?

No not at all. I think that’s what I find most beautiful about art, it touches people in ways suited or needed to them at that time. If my art can help or inspire even two people in two different ways, I would say I’m doing something right.

Photo @lilyrazuki

Your creativity has stemmed into a lot of different medians including writing and poetry. Is there an underlying message that you always try to convey within your creative outlets?

In my writing I want people to feel seen and heard, I want to be as honest and raw as I possibly can. I’ve never had a problem expressing how I feel, and on my (bumpy) journey to self-love I learnt that when sharing my story I would help deepen somebody else’s. My art practice and writing mean two different things to me. With my drawing and painting I want layers of colour and vibrancy, reflecting my hippie – fun –loving character. In my writing I want to express relatable and truthful words of my experience of love, pain and the world around me.

Being a creative with experience what message would you give to anyone that is just starting out?

Just create! My high school art teacher once told me there are no mistakes in art, hold on to that and just make stuff!

Photo @lilyrazuki

Draw the first thing that comes to mind…

What does the future hold for you?

Hopefully a whole lot of love, friendship, ocean swims and tree loving. My goal is to own my own gallery and curate a wide variety of works, balanced between contemporary and cultural art. But honestly, I just want to spend my life and my future being as happy and grateful as possible.

Photo @lilyrazuki

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