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easy life's recent transformation into hardlife and the release of their latest track 'tears' marks a significant shift in the band's artistic direction. Known for their breezy, feel-good tunes, easy life’s new moniker and song signal a deeper, more introspective phase. 'tears' encapsulates raw emotion, with poignant lyrics and a haunting melody that reflect the complexities of modern existence. The rebranding to hard life suggests a move towards addressing life's challenges head-on, a departure from their previously laid-back vibe. This evolution showcases their versatility and commitment to exploring a broader emotional palette, making 'tears' a compelling listen for both old fans and new.

Due to a legal threat from EasyGroup, the parent company of EasyJet. The company claimed that the band's name was too similar to their brand, leading to a potential lawsuit. Frontman Murray Matravers expressed feelings of anger and powerlessness over the situation but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the legal battle. EasyGroup argued that it would be unfair for the band to use the 'Easy' name without paying royalties, prompting the Leicester-based band to rebrand and continue their musical journey under a new name.


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