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EarthPercent X Earth Day

EarthPercent is a charity providing a simple way for artists and the music industry to support organisations creating impactful change on climate while reducing our impact on the planet. EarthPercent have partnered with 60+ artists to raise vital funds and help fight the climate crisis! They've all donated new/exclusive/unreleased music you can now buy on Bandcamp. Plus a limited edition Evovinyl including Coldplay, Anna Calvi, Chvrches, Franc Moody, Holly Humberstone, Nile Rogers & CHIC and many more - a new revolutionary form of bioplastic vinyl for EarthPercent's Earth Day campaign!

For 2023, EarthPercent launch another unique campaign for a limited time only via Bandcamp,

bringing together artists of all genres and from across the globe to create something special and impactful for the world. The organisation proposed artist should get involved by submitting a track to their own or EarthPercent, Bandcamp. This could be a demo, cover, live version, remix or anything in between – to go on sale as a digital download on Tuesday 18th April during Earth Week until Saturday 6th May. EarthPercent accepted submissions from all artists (and collaborations between them!), and aimed for the release to be representative of the diverse spectrum of the music industry.

Following the success of their 2022 campaign, EarthPercent x Earth Day is the second time the charity is bringing the music industry together to release exclusive, never-heard-before music to raise money and awareness for climate organisations. Last year, EarthPercent had tracks from 123 artists, including Nile Rodgers, Big Thief, Anna Calvi, Fred Again and Coldplay and released the world's first commercially available plant-based Evo-vinyl 12" with Michael Stipe and Beatie Wolf. The initiative raised over £55,000 and received press coverage from the likes of The Guardian, Pitchfork, Music Week, NME, The Independent and The Face.

Head to to download today

or for the limited edition Evovinyl.


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